Strat is a backless bench collection which is characterized by having its front and back faces in zig-zag geometry. The combination of its compact volumetry and the surface patterns, alternate the harshness of a restrained and simple piece with the dynamism of a space organizer, key factors of urban architecture. The design family consists of three elements, Strat 80, 200 and Curve.

Material: Colored in mass concrete, acid etched and waterproofed.
Dimensions / Weight:
Strat 80: 80 x 50 x 43, 395kg
Strat 200: 200 x 50 x 43, 1.000kg
Strat Curve: 185 x 68 x 43, 840kg
Installation: Supported on the ground.




2D/3D CAD (logged in users) :

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