Outdoor furniture demands specific qualities like durability, weather resilience, and eco-friendliness not found in every material. This drives our meticulous material selection. We prioritize local sourcing, aiming for both environmental sustainability and top-tier quality. Furthermore, our efforts focus on ensuring that both our materials and the production process mirror a sophisticated approach, emphasizing the attentive treatment of the raw materials, ultimating a product with universal values and its own identity.

Recycled PE

We recover PE from industrial waste, integrating it into our manufacturing. But what stands out is that 100% is recoverable. With reaction to fire classification, withstands temperatures from -40 °C to +80 °C, is non-porous, resistant to detergents and prevents the spread of germs, maintaining hygiene. Its composition varies from 50% to 100% recycled depending on the color. Being monomaterial, it does not interrupt the production cycle, avoids the breakdown of components and aligns with the principles of circular design.


Concrete, essential in urban spaces and public furniture, stands out for its aesthetic and functional versatility. Its long useful life reduces replacements and resource consumption, produced in quantities adjusted to each project to minimize waste. After use, recyclable as aggregate, its unique properties of fire resistance, strength and adaptability double or triple the durability of other materials. In Durbanis we use self-compacting concrete with cement, granite, marble, and limestone aggregates, with selected granulometry. Together with our range of colors and the exposed aggregate finish surface, we give the material a unique aesthetic value. It does not require maintenance, since our waterproof and anti-graffiti finish prevents dirt from adhering to the surface. Particularly beneficial feature for parks, plazas, and recreational spaces, ensuring cleaner, healthier environments for all.


Wood is an exceptional natural resource due to its combination of flexibility, resistance, and its unique way of aging. At Durbanis, we precisely select wood types and surface treatments to ensure we meet the highest standards. We use PEFC™ Nordic pine wood with neutral oil or FSC® certified bolondo wood, from responsible logging, with anti-tannins and monocoat protection. Both types come from trees that grow slowly and with tight and dense growth rings, characteristics that make up a stable, durable and extremely weather-resistant material. The slats are cut in such a way that the wood’s natural tendency to splinter is reduced to an minimum. Before further processing, each of our wooden slats is carefully checked for quality. We then bevel the slats to avoid scratches and make them pleasant to the touch. Finally, we apply a high-quality oil to the slats that, with a single layer, protects the wood against UV radiation and water, while maintaining the intensity of the color.