The Làmina benches family is the result of the concrete manufactural knowledge and the architectural vision of public space junction. A collection that combines benches and table, resulting in a picnic element which is resistant to outdoor weather conditions and vandalism. In addition, we have developed the UHPC model, which preserves the same design line and brings the bench thickness to the minimum expression.

Material: Colored in mass concrete, acid etched and waterproofed.
Làmina UHPC: Colored in mass UHPC concrete, acid etched and waterproofed.
Dimensions / Weight:
Làmina 150: 150 x 50 x 45 cm, 150kg
Làmina 240: 240 x 67 x 45 cm, 500kg
Làmina UHPC: 240 x 67 x 45 cm, 350kg
Làmina Table: 240 x 90 x 75 cm, 850kg
Installation: Supported on the ground.



2D/3D CAD (logged in users) :

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