About Durbanis

In Durbanis, we have the conviction that what we are is something more than creators and manufacturers of urban and outdoor furniture. Design, quality and innovation are our pillars and our objectives.

We propose solid and attractive products with the highest quality and versatility. We persevere in excellence as a goal, and we are also convinced that this is the only way to grow as a brand with its own personality.


All the phases of the process development of our products, from the design, to the manufacturing system and product life cycle, are meticulously considered to combine in an elegant, functional, aesthetic and optimal finishes solution.

We combine our know-how and experience to produce our own models and molds, ensuring dynamism, quality and versatility in the process of making new pieces and unique designs.

Supercell and Megacell concrete benches at the Washington NoMa Park. Girl resting at a Durbanis project


The design is initially intangible, so we must take special care to protect it. Our products are registered, and our legal team oversees that the intangible ceases to be.

We are very proud to have all our production within 25km from our headquarters in Banyoles. A fact that is sustainable and conscious, but above all logical, if we take into account that our purpose consists in transferring the best of local production to the global market.

We try to produce pieces with recycled and recyclable materials, which are timeless as well as sustainable, and every step we take in that direction will always be a success.

Mobiliario de Durbanis fabricado en polietileno reciclado procedente de plantas de reciclaje. Economía circular en Banyoles. Girona


2018 iF Design Award

2018 EUIPO Design Europa

2017 Eurobike Gold Winner Award