Durbanis, a dynamic and young company, is a design publisher and manufacturer of street furniture. Design, quality and innovation are our differential factors.

We strive to create value added functional products. Since our inception, we wanted to provide meaningful products. Indeed, we are still convinced that is the only possible way to grow our brand up whit its own personality.

Durbanis and the designer of each product worked together, taking care of every detail in each step of the value chain of the product, in order to ensure that we will be proud of the product developed.

We love what we do.

Durbanis: The history

Durbanis was founded, in 2008 by Germán Rubio, with the aim to both design and manufacture street furniture as a spin-off of the family-owned business taking its first steps surrounded by models, moulds and big prefabricated concrete pieces.

A young design team together with the know-how developed within the family-owned business has helped Durbanis acquire a different perspective of the street furniture industry compared to the one of its competitors.

It was in 2010 when Durbanis, thanks to its collaboration with Alex Fernández Camps and Rafael Marquina, developed both a widen vision and a better understanding of the design of its products. Since that point in time, design and innovation became its backbone. Durbanis was rebirth as a design publisher.

Nowadays, Durbanis is present in 8 countries and exports 80% of its production.

Durbanis: The Design and Innovation

We acknowledge that we entered in a market much later than any other competitor.  Although it has considered to be a saturated market, we created a niche market by either developing value added products or targeting markets without competition.

We forged ahead with our commitment to innovation as a starting point of our product portfolio and brand.

Durbanis innovates in its both product and business model. Innovation as a methodology entails an alignment of the key processes of the company.

The design is something intangible; hence we take special care to protect it. All the products of our portfolio are registered and our legal team is responsible for ensuring that the intangible do not disappear.